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The Lafayette Seals Swim Team is dedicated to creating a positive swimming environment for all children 5-18 years of age. We are committed to teaching the necessary skills for children to participate in competitive swimming. Some of our goals are to promote self-confidence, individual responsibility, hard work and team spirit.

Lafayette Swim Team Information and Swimmer Requirements

The Lafayette Swim Team is a City of Lafayette Recreation Department sponsored program. The team is a member of the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League (BVSSL). The Lafayette Seals Booster Club (LSBC) supports the Lafayette Seals Swim Team by organizing and coordinating seasonal positions, home meets, organizing volunteers, concessions, social activities and all fundraisers. Swimmers are required to register with the City of Lafayette Recreation Department, and to complete registration forms. The BVSSL form states the eligibility requirements for the league. If you have any questions about the swim team, the Lafayette Aquatics Supervisor or an LSBC officer will be glad to help you.

Team Facts and Swimmer eligibility

The BVSSL is currently comprised of 13 teams, mostly from the Boulder area. The teams are Meadows (MEAD), Mesa (MESA), Louisville (LSVL), Barracudas (BARR), Boulder Country Club (BCC), Rock Creek (FLYERS), Boulder Elks (ELKS), Fox Hill Country Club (FOX), Meadow Glen (GLEN), Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club (BSTC), Lafayette (LAF), and Ranch Country Club (RCC.)

The BVSSL is governed by a set of by-laws, which are maintained by consensus vote of representatives from all teams in the league. These by-laws state the following requirements for swimmer eligibility:

  1. A Swimmer may represent only one team in BVSSL competition in any one season. To represent a team in a dual meet, a swimmer must be registered in writing or be on that team’s roster, and have paid club or team dues. Once a swimmer competes in one dual meet, team membership is determined for that season.
  2. The age group for each swimmer is determined by the age of the swimmer on May 15th.
  3. A swimmer may participate in stoke clinics and/or competitive lessons during the winter. A swimmer may swim with a year-round team and compete in meets from the day after the BVSSL Championships through October 31st of that same year. From November 1st through the end of the BVSSL Championships there can be no activity, attached or unattached, with a USS year-round swim team. It is important to understand these eligibility requirements, especially if your swimmer has spent any time with a year-round (USS) team. If you are uncertain of the eligibility requirements, please contact the Aquatics Supervisor, Head Coach or any booster club member. A full set of BVSSL by-laws are available on the BVSSL website.
  4. To participate for the Lafayette Seals, swimmers must be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool with proper breathing and stroke form and have the desire to compete in a competitive swimming environment. All new swimmers will need to take a mandatory swim assessment prior to the start of the season.