Lafayette Seals

Team Information

How to Join

To sign up for the Seals, please contact Bob L. Burger Recreation Center at (303) 665-0469.

What equipment is needed? Swimmers need the following equipment:

  • Practice Suit - This is a suit worn during practice sessions. They are generally made of nylon, lycra or stretch nylon. DO NOT WEAR YOUR TEAM SUIT TO PRACTICE. You want to keep your team suit in excellent condition for the meets.
  • Competition/Team Suit - A team racing suit is required for competition. This suit is usually more tightly fitted than the practice suit to reduce resistance. The material is usually lycra. Swimmers are responsible for the purchase of these suits and can be ordered at the parent meeting or from Out of Breath Sports. See a member of the booster club for their information.
  • Cap - A latex or lycra swim cap used during a meet or practice to cut down on resistance and hair that covers their eyes. The first team cap will be provided. Additional caps are $12 and need to be ordered separately.
  • Goggles - Lenses worn by swimmers during practices and meets to enhance vision and protect their eyes from the effect of chemicals in the water. Goggles with mirrored lenses are highly recommended to help block the sun.
  • Sweats - Some type of warm-up or sweat suit should be worn at meets and to and from practice during cold weather. Swimmers should wear athletic apparel during dry land exercises. Team sweats will be available for purchase at the parent meeting.
  • Team Uniform – The team uniform is usually made up the following: team suit, cap, and t-shirt. A team t-shirt and swim cap are provided with the registration fee.
  • Towel - A thick, large towel is usually preferred by swimmers. A minimum of two towels is recommended for meets.
  • Suncreen - Please send the child to practice and meets with sunscreen on and extra for reapplication.

What ages are eligible for the Seals?

Swimmers who are 5 through 18 as of May 15 may participate. All swimmers must be able to complete a 50 yard front crawl using proper breathing and stroke form.