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Lafayette Seals Booster Club


The Lafayette Seals Booster Club (LSBC) was developed in February 2011 to support the Lafayette Seals Swim Team by organizing and coordinating seasonal positions and overseeing and managing all home dual swim meets, including organizing parent volunteers and concessions.  The LSBC raises funds and coordinates social events, including the year-end banquet and supplies medals, trophies and other items to the Lafayette Seals Swim Team.  For more information regarding the LSBC please see the LSBC By-Laws.

Operations Fee

The LSBC requires each family to pay a  $20 operations fee at the beginning of the swim team season to support concessions, awards, optional team apparel, and other swim team expenses (see Parent Handbook for details).  Payment of fees allows each family to submit candidacy for officer positions and vote in LSBC elections.  If any family has difficulty paying this fee, the booster club can set up a payment plan.   Failure to pay this fee will result in your swimmer not receiving his/her team swim cap and shirt.  It may also include not having your swimmer participate in prelims and finals and/or not receiving end-of-the-year trophies or ribbons. Those who fail to pay the operations fee will also not be allowed to run for or vote in LSBC officer elections.  If you have any specific questions about the operations fee or expenditures, please contact an officer of the LSBC.

LSBC Officers

The LSBC Officers consists of elected parent officers including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator. The LSBC Officers hold monthly meetings which are open to the public and posted on the website.   The LSBC Officers maintain the Lafayette Seals Swim Team website and provide communication pathways to all members of the Seals swim team. 

Seasonal Positions

The LSBC Officers oversee and manage all seasonal positions.  Seasonal positions are filled on a volunteer basis and vary in months of commitment.  If you are interested in a seasonal position, please contact the booster club president.  The seasonal positions include:


Records Board Coordinator - Updates the Record’s Board and “Fast Five” board at the beginning of the season, and changes or adds any new records throughout the season. 

Apparel Coordinator - Orders, sells and distributes any team apparel.  This would include suit sales, team apparel, cap and t-shirt distribution.  Organizes/oversees suit swap. 

Communications Coordinator - Creates weekly newsletter during the swim season.  Sends out mass emails to the swim team members.  Works with Website coordinator to ensure cross communication with website information. 

Concessions Coordinator - Purchases all food items needed to run the concessions and organizes the setting up of concessions for the meet.  Works closely with Treasurer to make sure there is ample money in cash box needed to run concessions stand.  Purchases and distributes drinks for timers and other volunteers who are working at each home meet. 

Social/Event Coordinator - Organizes, implements and supervises any team events during the season (i.e. Water World trip, pancake breakfast, etc….).  This includes the End of the Year Banquet as well as any other “special” events.